The Best Home Renovations for Value, Function & Pleasure

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What’s the best kind of home renovation for you? Instead of focusing exclusively on increasing your home value, or exclusively on improving your own comfort in your home, you can balance both needs. Some home renovation projects lend themselves well to both purposes. You can significantly improve how you feel in your home, while also setting yourself up well for when you want to sell your home down the road. Here are the best home renovation projects for both purposes.

The Kitchen

Most people know that upgrading the kitchen is a great way to add value to their home. But, you may underestimate how much an improved kitchen will better your life. A more beautiful kitchen, with a better layout, better appliances, and more will make your daily routine more convenient and beautiful. There are endless ways to improve a kitchen depending on what yours is like now.

Smart Home Technology

More and more home buyers are looking for smart home technology already integrated into their home before they purchase. There’s some work to be done in rewiring and installing different technologies and they’d prefer not to do it themselves. The advantage for you is that when you do that work you get exactly the smart home set-up that you want.

Bathroom Remodels

Bathrooms are often neglected spaces, so taking the time to upgrade yours can be a dramatic enhancement to your home’s value, not to mention your own comfort. More modern, energy-efficient fixtures, stylish tile, and deluxe features like towel warmers can all make your bathroom more luxurious. Plus, having a recently upgraded bathroom will make your home stand out on the market.

Home renovations are easy when you trust your build and design experts. To learn more about how you can add more value in your home, contact our team at GBC Design & Build today.

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Outdoor Structures

How much time do you spend entertaining, or relaxing outside in your green space? You can significantly improve the function of your backyard by adding hardscaping, outdoor structures, and plantings. You can add something elaborate like an outdoor kitchen to really improve function and value, but something simpler can also be useful. Consider adding just a back patio with a pergola and flanking gardens.

Finish the Basement

An unfinished basement is full of possibilities. A finished basement offers both you and potential homeowners a ton of flexibility in the home. What do you need: a retreat for yourself, home office, entertaining space, children’s bedrooms, or something else? A basement can be whatever you need, so it offers a lot of value for your life, and that translates to value in your home too.

Home renovations should not only add value to your home, but they should also improve your quality of life. At GBC Design + Build we will provide your family with both, contact us today.

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