Custom Luxury Landscaping

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Your outdoor space can be so much more. GBC Design + Build are the GTA’s award winning landscape designers, noted for original and stunning residential landscaping designs. You can trust us to get the details right, and to create a unified, lush green space for your family to enjoy.

Enhance Your Outdoor Lifestyle.

Tell us what features you want in your landscape construction project, and what feeling and mood you want to experience while outdoors, and GBC Design + Build will create a visionary landscape using high-quality materials. Then, as your chosen landscape design company we’ll handle the entire build process – from demolition to installation of irrigation- that will preserve your landscape for years to come.

Love the Outdoors Again

A landscape from GBC Design + Build will do a complete exterior renovation and forever change the way you experience the outdoors. We design pool houses and gazebos where you can relax in the shade. We’ll install lighting and sound systems, so you can host memorable evening parties. We’ll create a firepit and outdoor kitchen where you can create delicious summer meals. We’ll even include a treehouse or greenhouse in your landscape design, so you can share your love of the outdoors with your children.

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Beautiful Backyards and Custom Pools

Why travel when you have can have a tropical oasis right in your backyard? We’ll design and install the custom pool and spa of your dreams; from natural pools to hot tubs that seat twelve. Whatever water experience will enrich your life, we can build it. Pools aren’t everything though. We can add any number of outdoor features to your home:
  • Cabanas and pool houses, to relax in or store pool equipment
  • Decks, patios, fences and retaining walls improve your entertaining space
  • Planting and gardens are a must no matter your style
  • Unique glass, stone and architectural features enhance your home’s exterior

Interlocking Elegance

Interlock is just as elegant in the front yard as in the back. High-end interlocking resists weeds and is designed to last. We create elaborate or simple designs for your interlocking and surround it with everything a home needs, from green grass to deep garden beds, and the finishing touches that bring the design together. Choose GBC Design + Build as your landscape contractors for visionary, quality residential landscaping and complete exterior remodel.
  • Walkways lead your guests into your home, or to the backyard
  • Large driveways are made much more interesting when they feature interlocking designs
  • Exterior lights, arbours, trellises, and coordinating plants make for a sensational view
  • Choose architectural features made of natural stone slabs, flagstone, glass, and more

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Custom Backyard Landscaping and Designs

When it’s time to completely reinvent your outdoor space we deliver visionary design, using every feature and material you desire to create a stunning outdoor paradise of unsurpassed quality. Choose us as your backyard contractors in Toronto & Mississauga to design and build the outdoor living space you’ll never want to leave.

Landscaping Solutions You’ll Love.

Is there something in your yard that’s holding you back? Poor slope, poor drainage, or just a mess of disconnected features? GBC Design + Build offers our award-winning design services to solve your property’s hurdles and add in the features and feeling you want. Expect us to truly listen to your needs, bring unique solutions to the table, and add high quality details that complete your backyard.

Your Complete Outdoor Living Experience

GBC Design + Build offers the complete package for your exterior renovation. We can install any outdoor living feature you wish, from fireplaces and outdoor kitchens to rose gardens and custom water features. Don’t settle for a backyard contractor who will limit your dreams.

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The Center of Attention

Which features do you want to be the center of your property? GBC Design + Build’s custom patio designers can create crisp, modern designs around the central features you desire, with results that will exceed your expectations.
  • Custom kitchens make your outdoor entertaining a breeze
  • Decks, patios and other platforms are essential
  • Fireplaces and pits create rustic gathering spots
  • Gazebos and pergolas elevate your backyard experience
  • Planting and gardens create a lush, green environment

Innovative Outdoor Living is in the Details

Your outdoor living space wouldn’t be complete without a few key details that make it functional, connect the key elements, and add a unique ambiance. GBC Design + Build knows the little details are key to make a backyard landscape truly unique. We’re dedicated to seeing every project through to the last detail. Choose us as your backyard design contractors and we guarantee a positive experience and high-quality results.
  • Fences, retaining walls and decorative screens add privacy
  • Glass accessories/features create unique, modern spaces
  • Landscaping lighting and sound systems make your yard functional
  • Water features add the delightful sound of running water
  • Architectural features create dynamic, intriguing spaces


Custom Interlocking Installation

Modern interlocking and natural stone add unique character to outdoor living spaces. The colour, finish and texture options are endless, and when you choose us, you know you’re receiving high-end interlocking stone work that will last. From interlocking driveways and walkways to interlocking patios and porches, GBC Design + Build are the interlocking contractors you can trust to add finesse to your outdoor project.

Benefit from Connected Spaces .

It’s not just about driveways and patios. Interlocking and concrete can take a good outdoor living design to the next level by connecting spaces, creating privacy, adding functionality, and much more. At GBC Design + Build we’re selective about the interlocking materials we use to ensure a high-end finish that’s integrated throughout your design.

Natural Slabs and Natural Stone Elements

Bold natural stone is an excellent addition to a yard of any style, from modern and clean to rustic and cottage-esque. GBC Design + Build sources superior stone, with custom, unique cuts and designs. You can choose natural slabs for architectural features or any other landscaping element on your property.

Dreaming of the luxury of natural stone?

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An Interlocking Driveway That Sets the Stage

Interlocking driveways and walkways can turn large, unrefined home exteriors into classy, modern spaces with a ton of curb appeal. Use multiple colours or textures of our high-quality interlocking to create larger, sweeping patterns. GBC Design + Build installs interlocking expertly, including a specialized granular concrete material for the base so the result is a flat, smooth surface designed to last.
  • Flagstone wet and dry lay, offers you even more design options
  • Heated concrete driveways won’t require shoveling
  • Interlocking driveways are durable and weed-resistant for years
  • Interlocking pathways guide you throughout the property with style

Create an Entertaining Oasis with an Interlocking Patio

Interlocking patios offer you great design flexibility, including curved patios that are hard to achieve with decks. This flexibility allows you to create a special place to entertain and relax. We create unique interlocking patio designs that fit seamlessly into the rest of your landscape. Choose GBC Design + Build as your concrete, interlocking and natural stone contractors transform your whole backyard into the modern, stylish outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Unique, upscale designs that create ambiance
  • Interlocking patios are all-season and don’t require staining
  • Interlocking pathways bring together your landscaping features
  • Top-quality installation ensures your patio will last


Custom Luxury Pools and Spas

You can have a tropical paradise right here in the GTA. GBC Design + Build are award winning pool and landscape contractors who can create a unique, contemporary, custom pool or spa for you to enjoy for years. We’ll achieve the rare vision you have for your outdoor living space.

Innovative Designs Built for Life .

Relax in the sun-soaked poolside, take a dip in the refreshing blue waters, and enjoy a unique view offered by glass features. GBC Design + Build handles every aspect of your pool design and installation and creates a cohesive look with the rest of your landscaping. We never neglect the modern details that make your pool special.

Beautiful Cabanas and Pool Houses

Pool houses and cabanas can be both functional and beautiful. They’re the essential storage space for your pool accessories, and the poolside gathering spot that offers temporary shade and refreshing drinks. We can incorporate a pool house or cabana of any size and style into your custom pool design.

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Designing Your Custom Pool or Spa Comes Down to the Details

You have some ideas about your pool or spa, perhaps including size and features, atmosphere and style. Let us nurture your ideas and create a fully-fledged, unique and modern design that will surpass your expectations. We pay attention to the details and surrounding landscaping to achieve the pool experience you want.
  • Pool coping will give your custom pool flair
  • Decks, patios and gazebos make perfect poolside seating
  • Pool landscaping elevates your outdoor living space
  • Pool lighting is functional and adds ambiance

Constructing Your Custom Pool

GBC Design + Build handles the whole construction process, from applying for any necessary permits to excavating your pool and grading the soil around it. We guarantee a smooth, positive experience. There’s no need for you to work with additional contractors because our professional staff does it all. Choose GBC Design + Build as your pool, landscape & exterior contractors and get a whole new outdoor living space without the stress.
  • Demolition, excavation, and grading
  • Earthworks, sod and terra seeding
  • Custom pool and spa installation
  • Complete outdoor living design and build


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