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Patio, Walkway, and Driveway Heating Systems Explained

Ontario winters get pretty messy, and nobody likes spending the morning digging out the snowy debris. Fortunately, modern technology and innovative exterior design have provided us with driveway heating systems, and similar winter hacks. At GBC Design & Build, we help home and business owners develop exteriors you can enjoy and be proud of. One …

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4 Top New Trends in Custom Home Building

TABLE of CONTENTS: Multipurpose Meets Open Concept Architectural Design Trends Subtle textures Shades of white and cream Limestone Gold accents Natural light enhancement High ceilings Natural wood Bright accent décor pieces Outdoor Enclosures for Year-Round Use Makes List of Outdoor Living Trends 2021 Glass enclosures New Home Trends Ask for A Kitchen to Live In …

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Kitchen Trends for 2021: Modern Designs and Automation

If you’re renovating your kitchen this year, you’re in luck. There are some great kitchen design trends in 2021 that you can look forward to incorporating into your space. From colours to materials and that all-important kitchen island, we’ll go over 2021 kitchen trends so you can start planning your dream space. Kitchen Colours Think …

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Custom Outdoor Living Spaces to Impress Your Friends

In Ontario, we are lucky enough to experience four distinct seasons. This makes having a space to experience the outdoors in comfort even more enjoyable. At GBC Design & Build, we help homeowners’ dream spaces become a reality. With an indoor and outdoor renovation experience, we can customize your outdoor space to fit your needs …

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Overhaul Your Yard with These Great Outdoor Living Spaces

With so many Canadians spending more time outdoors, it’s no surprise that homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area are overhauling their properties to create great outdoor living spaces. The exterior of your property should be just as enticing as the interior, and with GBC Design & Build, you can make your outdoor space dreams a …

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The Best Home Renovations for Value, Function & Pleasure

What’s the best kind of home renovation for you? Instead of focusing exclusively on increasing your home value, or exclusively on improving your own comfort in your home, you can balance both needs. Some home renovation projects lend themselves well to both purposes. You can significantly improve how you feel in your home, while also …

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