Custom Home Renovations and Luxury Home Additions

Whole house renovations call for experienced, innovative home addition contractors that can carry out your design and build your project. We achieve contemporary spaces with unique features, high-quality materials, and customized finishes.

Innovative Designs Built For Life .

Complete home renovations can give you an entirely different home, without giving up the location you love. GBC Design + Build will solve your house’s layout problems and modernize its style, creating a unique, personalized home for your family to enjoy. Complete renovations can change everything from the entryway and staircase to the bathrooms and kitchen.

Innovative Design Built for Life

What does your family need to enjoy your home, to connect and to relax? A fresh interior can meet your family’s unique needs, whether it’s a home office space, smarter kitchen, or a more modern, open floor plan. GBC Design + Build is ready to envision a whole new home with you.

What are you dreaming of?

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Share Your Dream and We’ll Bring It to Life

In your first consultation with GBC Design + Build, we’ll discover if we are a good fit for you and what unique needs/wants your family has. We can accomplish any style from Ultra Modern to classic. Then, we’ll see what your existing home has to offer before creating a conceptual plan and architectural drawings that will bring your dreams to life. You can expect something unique that fulfills your needs intuitively and reignites your love for your home.
  • 3D renderings will give you a real sense of what your home will look like
  • We have unique solutions to fix what you don’t like about your home
  • We marry beauty and functionality, focusing on how your family uses each space
  • We handle choice of material and finish — with your input

Building Your New Home is Easier than You Think

GBC Design + Build orchestrates every contractor and handles every detail, so we can deliver your complete home renovation on time and with as little disruption to your life as possible. Choose GBC Design + Build as your home addition contractors and you’ll benefit from our seamless, thorough process and end up with a home that fits you and exceeds the dreams you have for your home.
  • We create realistic timelines and work hard towards maintaining them
  • We’ll guide you as you live through major renovations
  • You’ll know what’s happening every step of the way and enjoy regular communication with our team
  • In the end, you’ll see your unique ideas for your home fully realized.

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