Custom Outdoor Living Spaces to Impress Your Friends

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In Ontario, we are lucky enough to experience four distinct seasons. This makes having a space to experience the outdoors in comfort even more enjoyable. At GBC Design & Build, we help homeowners’ dream spaces become a reality. With an indoor and outdoor renovation experience, we can customize your outdoor space to fit your needs and style.

Whether you’re looking for a custom-built outdoor kitchen or a one-of-a-kind water feature, here are some ideas to consider.

Add a Pergola to Your Custom Woodworking

It isn’t enough to have a beautiful patio anymore. Now, homeowners are looking for ways to set themselves apart from friends and neighbours with unique specialty projects. Pergolas add a touch of elegance and offer coverage in the event of rain, making your outdoor entertaining area a safe space to barbeque, eat, watch fireflies, and more no matter the weather.

With custom outdoor living spaces, you can design the pieces you want to make your life more comfortable, beautiful, and fun. Whether your dream pergola is laced with ivy or grapes or strung with twinkle lights and a canopy, a custom design lets your outdoor space reflect you.

Specialty Grills and Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing says opulence like a custom-built outdoor kitchen. Whether a special occasion or just because, entertaining in an outdoor kitchen can revolutionize a garden party, work function, or a night-in. In Ontario, we have some of the best summer weather for barbecuing, and one of the most popular additions to custom outdoor living spaces is a specialty grill.

Specialty grills come in all shapes and sizes and can resemble a traditional barbeque or look like a stainless steel chef’s oven. Working closely with your design and renovation specialist you can create anything from a stone pizza oven to an outdoor gas grill.

Add a Little Fire to Your Custom Outdoor Living Space

Ontarians love cooking over a fire, sitting by a fire, and even roasting marshmallows over a fire. We just love a nice cozy fire! So, why wouldn’t you incorporate a beautiful custom fireplace into your remodel?

Whether wood or electric, your fireplace can keep you warm or cool evenings, ward off insects, and emit a golden glow to keep you feeling relaxed. One trend we’re seeing this year with fireplaces is building up the brick exterior to include shelves for wood, cooking tools, and other supplies.

Want to have an impressive outdoor living space this season? At GBC Design + Build, we are here to help your envision come to life. Contact our team today.

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Bring Your Living Room Outside

Outdoor kitchens have been trending the last few years, but recently, we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of outdoor living rooms. These seating areas are accentuated by luxurious furniture, throw pillows, rugs, side tables, coasters, and all the little things that make your indoor living room so personal and cozy.

When choosing furnishings for your outdoor living area be sure to select those which will hold up under the elements and which are easy to clean. Wicker, stainless steel, and weather-treated hardwood are all good options.

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At GBC Design & Build, our team is always looking for the best and most beautiful outdoor design ideas to keep our client’s properties looking fresh and feeling like a little slice of heaven.

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