Custom Interior Home Renovations

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Need to refresh your home? Expand your home’s function, style, and uniformity with interior home renovation contractors you can trust. At GBC Design + Build we create visionary designs for high-quality interior renovations.

Your Whole Home, Reinvented .

From your front entryway to your backdoor, GBC Design + Build specializes in whole home design and build services in Toronto, Mississauga and surrounding areas. Whether you’re considering home remodeling or a complete rebuild, bring us your most ambitious project and we’ll deliver a unique design, built flawlessly.

Endless Possibilities

You don’t have to renovate your whole home. GBC Design + Build have a team of experienced renovation contractors ready to take on your large renovation projects. Expand your kitchen, change your home’s layout, or choose a few rooms that need the most attention. The possibilities are endless.

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Enhance Your Comfort with Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

The kitchen is the heart of your home and the bathroom is the place where you get ready for your day. These two renovations can make the most impact, both in your enjoyment of your home and its value.
  • Create an open concept in your kitchen and add the modern features you want
  • Consider kitchen islands and wine cellars
  • Make guests more comfortable in your main floor bath
  • Give yourself a spa experience by adding luxurious features to your master ensuite

Full Basement Renovations

Basements are too often unused, dark spaces. Bring function, light and fun to your basement with a renovation from GBC Design + Build. Our design and build experts create stunning, unique designs with the features and style you’re looking for. Our experienced team of home renovation contractors produce jaw-dropping basements, no matter how challenging or extensive the project.
  • Consider adding a bar, man cave, game room, or sauna
  • Media rooms and personal theaters are a perfect match for basements
  • Care for loved ones and maintain your space with an in-law suite
  • Basements are perfect for guest rooms, extra bedrooms, and office spaces

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Custom Home Renovations and Luxury Home Additions

Whole house renovations call for experienced, innovative home addition contractors that can carry out your design and build your project. We achieve contemporary spaces with unique features, high-quality materials, and customized finishes.

Innovative Designs Built For Life .

Complete home renovations can give you an entirely different home, without giving up the location you love. GBC Design + Build will solve your house’s layout problems and modernize its style, creating a unique, personalized home for your family to enjoy. Complete renovations can change everything from the entryway and staircase to the bathrooms and kitchen.

Innovative Design Built for Life

What does your family need to enjoy your home, to connect and to relax? A fresh interior can meet your family’s unique needs, whether it’s a home office space, smarter kitchen, or a more modern, open floor plan. GBC Design + Build is ready to envision a whole new home with you.

What are you dreaming of?

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Share Your Dream and We’ll Bring It to Life

In your first consultation with GBC Design + Build, we’ll discover if we are a good fit for you and what unique needs/wants your family has. We can accomplish any style from Ultra Modern to classic. Then, we’ll see what your existing home has to offer before creating a conceptual plan and architectural drawings that will bring your dreams to life. You can expect something unique that fulfills your needs intuitively and reignites your love for your home.
  • 3D renderings will give you a real sense of what your home will look like
  • We have unique solutions to fix what you don’t like about your home
  • We marry beauty and functionality, focusing on how your family uses each space
  • We handle choice of material and finish — with your input

Building Your New Home is Easier than You Think

GBC Design + Build orchestrates every contractor and handles every detail, so we can deliver your complete home renovation on time and with as little disruption to your life as possible. Choose GBC Design + Build as your home addition contractors and you’ll benefit from our seamless, thorough process and end up with a home that fits you and exceeds the dreams you have for your home.
  • We create realistic timelines and work hard towards maintaining them
  • We’ll guide you as you live through major renovations
  • You’ll know what’s happening every step of the way and enjoy regular communication with our team
  • In the end, you’ll see your unique ideas for your home fully realized.

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Luxury Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

A kitchen renovation is an art form. GBC Design + Build is dedicated to designing modern kitchens and bathrooms that are personalized for your family in ways you would never have dreamed of. Then, we take our elegant designs and oversee the whole renovation process, so you’re never stressing about scheduling or deadlines.

Why Choose When You Can Have a Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation.

As design and build experts, we understand that the choice of materials and finishes are essential when creating your custom kitchen and bathroom. GBC Build + Design selects from the best materials and carefully curates each finish. The result is a kitchen or bathroom that feels perfectly coordinated and full of the little details that make it truly yours.

Custom Kitchen Contractors

It’s not often you find a designer who can make modern, sleek kitchens and bathrooms look unique. GBC Design + Build has the vision to create your truly incomparable kitchen or bathroom. We also have the build skills, as reliable kitchen contractors, to see your project come to life.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Is your kitchen too small? Sometimes a poor kitchen layout makes preparing meals or entertaining frustrating or isolating. A kitchen renovation can change all of that, turning meal prep into a joy and transforming your kitchen into a modern, refreshing space where people want to gather.
  • We create your unique kitchen with the style and features you want
  • We complete the whole project, from demolition to finishing touches
  • We give realistic deadlines and help you live through the renovation
  • We Strive for a positive experience throughout the process

Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re having your kitchen renovated, or undergoing other serious renovations why not have GBC Design + Build add your bathroom to the renovation list? Your bathroom sets your mood for the whole day. It is a refreshing, organized, even indulgent space, where you should feel relaxed and ready to take on the world. What bathroom features do you need? Choose us for your bathroom and kitchen renovation.
  • We listen to your needs for any renovation and create a space that matches who you are
  • We incorporate the luxury features you want, from towel warmers to free-standing tubs
  • We design your bathroom and choose functional materials and beautiful finishes
  • We oversee your demolition and new bathroom build, so you don’t have to do a thing


Luxury Full Basement Renovations

Are you ready to transform your basement into a space you really want to spend time in? Whether it’s an entertainment haven for the winter months or a retreat for the children, whatever you have in mind, GBC Design + Build are the basement contractors who can design and build the unique space you have in mind.

A Bright Basement.

Though they have a reputation for being dark and restrictive, basements have limitless potential. From bars to man caves and spare bedrooms to in-law suites, a basement has the potential to be a practical space that your family loves spending time in. With our basement remodeling expertise, we can make the most of your space and include the rooms and features you’re dreaming of.

Flexible Living in a Modern Space

Are you using your basement to its fullest potential? GBC Design + Build focuses on basement renovations that cause you to forget you’re in the basement. With our design and build experience we’ll create a relaxing, modern, practical, and rejuvenating space for your family. Whether it’s unfinished, or poorly finished, we can transform your basement.

What are you dreaming of?

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Our Custom Basement Design Process

You can expect a few things from our design and build process. We listen to your needs and explore which styles excite you. Then, we come up with a beautiful design that includes the luxury features you desire and anticipates your needs. With our help, your custom basement can make you feel however you want it to.
  • Truly unique designs that express who you are
  • We choose materials and finishes that complete the space
  • We ensure your basement renovation goes smoothly and on time
  • In the end, you’ll have a basement you can enjoy

Basement Renovations Simplified

After you’ve seen the gorgeous design for your custom basement, you might wonder how long it will take to make this dream space a reality. We handle every aspect of your basement renovation, so the project runs on time all while minimizing the disturbance to your family. You can also trust that we’ll provide quality work that will amplify the initial design.
  • Full project management services mean you won’t need to worry about a thing
  • Realistic timelines help you live through the renovation
  • We handle everything from demolition to the finishing touches


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