Kitchen Trends for 2021: Modern Designs and Automation

modern kitchen with black island

If you’re renovating your kitchen this year, you’re in luck. There are some great kitchen design trends in 2021 that you can look forward to incorporating into your space. From colours to materials and that all-important kitchen island, we’ll go over 2021 kitchen trends so you can start planning your dream space.

Kitchen Colours

Think a little bit beyond minimalism with kitchen colours this year. Neutrals still dominate, but it’s not all about white this year. Consider darker options like dark brown, grey, or even black. You can also add in some more vibrant colours. Pastels are in and pair well with white. If you’re interested in darker colours then you might consider capitalizing on the trend of warm colours, like reds, oranges, etc. Just don’t overwhelm with these brighter options.

Kitchen Automation

Adding automation to your kitchen might be the most exciting renovation opportunity this year. Automation tools can allow you to turn kitchen lights, appliances, and more on and off on a schedule. You won’t have to think about when to make coffee, turn on the dishwasher, or even buy food. A smart refrigerator can take care of ordering food for you, as soon as you start running low on the items you always have on hand. Explore your kitchen automation options with our designers today.

Kitchen Islands

In a way, the kitchen island has become the heart of the home. There’s always something new to explore, too. This year, consider kitchen islands with multiple levels, making sitting at one and preparing food much simpler.

We’re also seeing kitchen islands in dark colours, working with lighter materials and features in the rest of the kitchen. As for materials, consider quartz. This material always looks modern and is easy very sanitary. 

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Luxury kitchen with white cabinets and counter


Cabinets are changing dramatically this year too. We’re seeing cabinets that are push to open, so there is no hardware on the outside. This makes for a very modern and seamless look. With less distraction from hardware, you can also incorporate wall to wall cabinetry, because it won’t look so crowded.

That said, you can always go in the exact opposite direction. Last year’s trend of open shelving is still going strong. It’s great to pair with wood, in an unfinished state or in natural stains that show off the wood grain.


There’s only a bit of a trend this year in backsplashes. Consider adding not a tile, but a single slab of material as your backsplash. Marble is a great high-end option. Whatever you choose, consider adding lights mounted beneath the cabinets, with a high glow quality. This helps highlight whatever design choice you’ve made. 

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