Best Types of Home Additions to Create More Space for Your Family

nursery in modern attic

Does your growing family need more space? If you have a new child on the way, or your children are just getting older and need more space, there are several ways that you can add more space and get the size home that you need, right where you are. Here are the best types of home additions for families.

Finish Your Attic

A finished attic is a great bedroom choice for a child of any age, from infancy right up to teen. Young children will find that attics are great play spots, and teens will appreciate that their room feels separate from the rest of the house. Since attics are basically wasted space, this renovation is a simple win-win.

Add a Second Story

Adding a second floor to your home can substantially increase its value and get plenty more space for children. If you have a bungalow, we strongly suggest that you consider adding a second floor as your home addition. You can add multiple bedrooms, a playroom, and other spaces that you need.

Finish or Expand the Garage

If you have a garage, you can consider finishing it to make it a livable space. Some people will add a second floor to the garage at the same time to maximize the space. A garage isn’t an ideal space for a very young child because it feels so separate from the rest of the house. But, it is great for teens. Or, you can move another space, like a home office, into the garage and dedicate the vacant space as a child’s bedroom.

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Extend the First Floor

Depending on your lot size and orientation, it may be possible for you to add a big expansion on the first floor of your home. Adding more space here isn’t just a great opportunity to add more space, but it is also an opportunity to change the layout of your home. Make the kitchen larger, move the bathroom, and make other major changes.

Enclose a Patio

Turn your patio space into a year-round space. You can make it a bedroom, a playroom, or just a place for family gathering with minimal work, and without significantly altering the footprint of your home.

Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit

Better than a shed, an accessory dwelling unit has its own plumbing and it’s like a tiny additional home on your property. It is a great option for teens or for you to get some space for yourself.

Adding livable space to your home can be as simple as remodeling your home to create bigger spaces or as complicated as adding a second-floor addition. Whatever your space needs, our experts at GBC Design + Build can help, contact us today.

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