Home Renovation and Building Trends for the New Year

Home renovation and building trends change with each passing year. All the new styles and designs are geared towards increasing comfort for homeowners. Everyone ought to live in a healthier, more elegant and automated abode. Below is an in-depth look at home renovation and building trends for the New Year.

Home Wellness and Lighting

Experts recommend letting in enough natural sunlight in homes and commercial buildings. According to research, good lighting helps boost our moods and makes us happier and more productive.

Marble base tables, use of brass and integrated LED lighting have been common trends in 2019. Most homeowners have been replacing small light fixtures with larger artistic ones to focus light on specific areas. The larger light fixtures are believed to be more elegant and can hide direct light to create a soothing ambiance.

Emphasis on Remodeling

Granite has continued to dwindle in most kitchen remodeling plans. This is because it tends to collect bacteria when improperly cleaned and is super porous. Quartz on the other hand continues to gain popularity as a top choice for countertops and are being used by many people seeking to give their residences a new updated look.

The common white tile is becoming less popular by the day. Many homeowners’ inclination towards brighter colours and more creative designs in 2019 has increased the use of hexagons, diamonds, and arabesques. As for shades, people today prefer going with neutral colours such as tender terracotta and dove gray. It makes the home appear more welcoming.

Looking at 2020 to Make Predictions        

 Brighter colours in homes is a trend expected to continue in 2020 whether through wall colours, furniture or pops through accessories. Part of this is due to the complexity of cleaning and maintaining white walls, having renovators and homeowners alike opting for more alluring brighter colours or bolder neutrals going forward.

Industrial Style

The industrial style trend involves combining wood, iron, plastic, and aluminum to construct homes. It turns structural elements into unfinished showpieces, but with an edgy style. A lot of thought goes into fine-tuning material to come up with charming décor. The result is a structure with a visually appealing modern look. It’s essentially the use of unconventional material in design and construction.


Minimalism involves the elimination of excessive features during design and renovations. For instance, you may reduce colours to be used in painting a building to around two or three. The same goes for other superfluous elements in a structure. Didn’t they say simplicity is an art?

Home Automation

Home automation entails controlling your home’s appliances using a smart device or remote. This technique cuts electricity costs and can save an average thermostat user a significant amount each year.

Furthermore, home automation can motorize window locks and openers, adjust cabinetries, monitor entry points, and control home water points and appliances. According to Redfin, more than 30 billion devices will be connected to the IoT by 2020.

Multi-purpose Spaces

Multi-purpose spaces are likely to become prevalent in 2020. As the name suggests, this trend involves constructing or renovating a room to serve more than one purpose. For instance, a home can have a guest-friendly living room with couches to accommodate overnight guests. Similarly, a dining space in a firm’s office space can be used for conferences or as a breakout area.

Homeowners ought to expect massive changes in home renovations and building trends this coming year. The adjustment in styles is meant to align with contemporary technology and tastes. 

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